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Rights of Employees

EPF act and Schemes drawn out of that Act, namely, EPF, FPF and EDLI Schemes,  give large  multi dimensional rights for a member, making many of the provisions mandatory for the employer or the PF organisation to implicitly follow them and these rights include the following.

  • Membership right in all the three schemes, namely EPF, Pension and Employees Deposit Linked Insurance , when an employee draws a basic pay and D.A. together up to Rs 6500, where it is mandatory for the employer to enrol such employee in the EPF Scheme right at the time of joining the establishment.
  • Right to receive the annual statements by 30th September of one’s PF account of the previous accounting year.
  • Right to obtain free of cost any form from the PF office, for any matter connected with one’s membership.
  • Right to get guidance or any form of assistance from the PFOffice PRO, whenever an employee needs help in terms of clarifications, loan applications or errors in the PF Accounts.
  • Right to lodge the the claim applications in the EPF Office of the region to which the employee belongs and collect the acknowledgement from the appropriate receiving point.
  • Right to receive the partial withdrawals for legitimate reasons within 30 days of applications, provided the applications are in order and for the reasons defined in the appropriate sections of the EPF legislation.
  • Right to get the final withdrawals settled in 30 days of claim, which is normally processed by the employer with appropriate signatures right in time .
  • Right to have the accumulations transferred to the new establishment account in 30 days, when an employee leaves one organisation and joins another establishment which is covered by the EPF Scheme.
  • Right to have a nominee registered or changed, initially at the time of enrolment and thereafter when a necessity arises for the change of nominee, such as, an unmarried individual not having a family, acquiring family after marriage.
  • Right to have a grievance registered and redressed, without any discrimination.
  • Right to reach a PF officer without appointment for the grievance redressed.
  • Right to receive pension payments irrespective of irregularities committed by the employer, in terms of non-remittance of dues within the prescribed time etc.
  • Right to receive the PF dues, from Special reserve fund, in cases of non-remittance by the employer, closure of establishment for more than 5 years or fraudulent withdrawals done in one’s fund accumulations.

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