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PF Statement

The EPFO that is Provident fund employee’s organization and that would be providing the monthly statement contribution and they would not be providing through financial year 2012 to 13. It is imperative to combat with the employer contributions discrepancies and that are present in the Provident Fund. It is through this step that would bring all defaults in the employees notice. These days, employers are provided with only slips and that would be inclusive of the opening as well as closing balances. Employees are not having any information regarding how money is getting enhanced within the whole year. This is one of the best ways through which all the defaults would be easily presented in front of the workers and workers can pressurize them for giving their all dues. According to the Samirendra Chatterjee who is the commissioner of Provident fund central, it is one of the transparent methodologies through which EPFO working can be done easily and it would be getting more of the subscribers. They would be getting to go through the entire picture. There are many subscribers that would not be able to calculate the PF total amount and there are no notices provided even if the contributions are not made in any month. Now, all the subscribers would be provided with complete details. All the new statements of the account would be issued in the starting of this year and EPFO would be required to update their all numbers and this has been directed through the Finance ministry.

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