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PF Status By PF Account Number

How To Check Provident Fund Status Through PF Account Number?

Gone are the days when you had to struggle and wander here and there to know what happened to your PF claim? However, You still need to have your PF account number handy which is issued to you by EPFO and further given to you by your employer.

If you have your PF account number and you know which city or zone your PF account is in, Nothing can stop you from accessing your PF status by PF account number.

The easiest way is to go online and check the status. You can get instant access to your Provident Fund status through PF account number on this link.

You can also call or email the concerned department (use the EPFO directory for the same) and check the PF status by PF account number or go to your employer and quote the PF number to them and they should help you.

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