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EPF Eligibility

Following are the rules applicable for THE individuals to be considered eligible for the Pension purpose:

1) If retiring from job life

    • Have crossed 58 years of age or more than that
    • Have served the organization for at least a decade

An individual might start receiving pension even while he/she continues in the job.
Anybody at 58th year or more automatically end from EPS membership and so does one cease as EPF member too.

2) If it is a case of earlier than retirement from job

    • One’s age group of 50 to 58 years on averaged and  
    • Have remained in service for a decade or more

An individual is no more in the service can avail the benefits.

3) In case a member dies

In both the conditions of either died while still in the service and or passed away while not in job

4) Disabled permanently

If one becomes permanently unfit to carry out the job responsibilities for an employment in which the individual was involved into while disablement came

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